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James Bradford Lovelace (7/25/70 – 9/10/21) was 51 when he died from a rare form of cancer, soft tissue sarcoma. During his life, he had a quench for knowledge and a zest for true connections with others. Known to most as “Brad”, he was an incredible lawyer and partner at a law firm in San Diego and a fierce advocate for the homeless.  He was a loving husband to David Flaten, son, brother, uncle and friend to all who knew him.

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John Dason Lovelace (1/1/43 – 2/25/01) was 58 when he died from colon cancer. From growing up in a small southern Florida town to creating the “Marketplace” for Daytons (now known as Macy’s), John lived his life to the fullest. He always showed his family so much love, engaged in anonymous philanthropy and taught his kids that, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” When he passed so young, he left behind his wife, Sara and children Brad, Cheryl, Jennifer and David.

The Passion And Inspiration Behind J&J Lovelace Foundation

By, David Lovelace

My brother and dad are my heroes and the greatest men I have ever known.

Both believed passionately in helping the less fortunate, showing them that they are deserving of care, and providing clear paths to help them get back on their feet.

My dad passed away from cancer in 2001, at only 58 years old, and my brother passed away from cancer in September of 2021 at age 51.

The J&J Lovelace Foundation was created in honor and inspiration of them both, as a way to continue the legacy they built and do my part to make a positive difference for those in need both in my community and the wider world.

From an early age, my parents instilled in my brother, me and my two sisters, Jennifer and Cheryl a deep sense of compassion for others. They taught us that real success is kindness, and that how one treats other people is what truly matters.

My dad grew up in a poor southern town in Florida and he worked hard to move up in the food industry, winning awards and building what is now known as Macy’s Marketplace. With his generosity, he would (unknowingly to most) give scholarships to those incarcerated in order to help them attain education to become the best version of themselves possible. 

My brother was the kind of person who always gave more than he took, doing so without judgment or expectation, and always with compassion.

When his husband, David Flaten, asked why he would always give money to the same person experiencing homelessness he was quick to answer, “Because they need it much more than I do.”

For him, it was never a question of if someone deserved it. He believed that everyone deserves kindness and that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect – the core foundations that J&J Lovelace Foundation was built on.

My dad and brother may have shied away from the spotlight, but The J&J Lovelace Foundation is a creation of their deep generosity and relentless compassion for others.

As we continue to build upon their inspiration, the J&J Foundation is buoyed by the strength, positivity, and selflessness that my other hero, my mom Sara Lovelace, has shown and continues to show throughout her life.

Ending homelessness is not an easy feat. But we know that change can happen and that a brighter future is possible when we build it together.

Welcome to the J&J Foundation. We’re grateful you’re here.


Our Mission

The J&J Lovelace Foundation’s mission is to empower the unhoused through tangible resources, tools, and support for a thriving future. 

Our Values

We believe in harnessing the power of love through kindness, compassion, dignity and respect.

We know that change can happen and that a brighter future is possible when we build it together. That’s why we are creating a culture where success is measured differently.

At our core, we believe in:

Our Vision

J&J Lovelace Foundation’s vision is to bridge the gap between surviving and thriving for those experiencing homelessness and other hardships. 
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Meet the Team

Dave Lovelace


From an early age, my parents and older brother, Brad, instilled in me a strong sense of compassion for the underdog – for folks that are often overlooked and negatively judged in society.  They also made it very clear that wealth, social status, popularity, or any other measurement of what society often calls “success” does not make a person better or worse than their peers; rather, kindness and how one treats other people is what truly matters. As my dad would always say, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Inspired by my amazing wife Lisa, and our son & pride and joy, Johnny Michael James, it is my distinct honor and privilege to join with my family and our esteemed Board in making a difference in the lives of others, and in-turn, continuing the legacy built by true heroes – my brother James Bradford Lovelace, and my dad, John Dason Lovelace.

David Flaten

Brad's Husband & Board Member

Brad’s Husband of 6 years/ partner for 10 years. Born in Minnesota, raised in Wyoming/North Dakota. Bachelors of Science in Marketing/Advertising from the University of Minnesota.

20 years of Corporate Retail experience within Merchandise Planning, Allocation, Inventory Management/Supply Chain and IT. Currently a Business Systems Manager for Petco Health and Wellness Company in San Diego.

Brad changed my life is so many ways and inspired me to be a better person every day through his actions.

I continue to be driven by Brad’s love and selfless demeanor as he embraced a simple approach to life: Accept What you Cannot Change. Change what you Cannot Accept.

Our Board

Cassie Cipolla

Cassie graduated from the University of Kansas in 2020 with a degree in Psychology and currently resides in Kansas City, MO where she provides marketing for individual therapists, mental health orgnizations, and nonprofits across the country.

Prior to joining the world of marketing, Cassie worked as a Family Support Worker collaborating with case managers and other professionals to provide services to children and families within the child welfare system. More recently, she’s begun volunteering with two organizations on a mission to normalize the conversation around mental health and suicide: Shout Out Loud MN and SameHere Global (where she helps with their Teen/Student Alliance Program). Cassie also stays involved with her community locally, volunteering at Nourish KC, a food shelter, and co-leading a monthly club for kids and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Cassie is passionate about helping others and has found purpose in using media and marketing to change the way we look at, understand, and advocate for mental health and social justice issues. Her drive to work in the field of mental health comes from losing her brother to an overdose in 2017 and continues to be inspired by the people she connects with on a daily basis.

Stephanie Powell

With a BS in Marketing from Salisbury University and an MBA from Mount St. Marys, Stephanie has spent the majority of her career working in Field Marketing for B2B Companies. Currently working for Hitachi Vantara, she has the privilege of leading the AMER Field Marketing team supporting sales in their revenue goals.

Stephanie currently lives on the east coast with her Marine husband, Brad, and their three German Shepard dogs Nahla, Harper, and Luca. She has a deep love for dogs and helping those that can’t help themselves, and has most recently fostered with a local German Shepherd rescue organization.

One of Stephanie’s passions and interests lies is different forms of therapies that can help people find their way in this world. Having gone through years of therapy herself, and having a mom who is a licensed clinical therapist, Stephanie loves to research how animals, music, exercise, and so many other outlets can help people through challenging times.

Camren King

Camren graduated from Texas State University in 2019 with a degree in Economics and currently works as a program manager as Sales Intel AI, managing multiple sales teams and unique programs, actively engaging with clients/customers to share program insights that drive improved results, and ensuring client/customer success and happiness.

Over the years, he has done volunteer work with organizations including the Boys and Girls Club of America, JDRF, the Smile Train, and others. Camren has also given back to communities through selling his Granddad’s book “The Right Moment” to raising money for non-profit organizations in his community.

A family man at heart, Camren’s favorite thing to do is spend time with his family, who values contributing to others through acts of kindness. His passions include music, movies, and cooking, which he learned to love and appreciate through his mom and dad.

Mike Shay

Having graduated from Texas State University in 2019 with a degree in business management, Mike currently works as a Program Manager at Sales Intel AI alongside Founder Dave Lovelace and Board Member Camren King.

During his college years, Mike participated in Bobcat Build and Clean the river initiatives, and also ran a Lawn Care Service for elderly women in his community. Mike has also given back to his community by working with The Boys and Girls Club of America, raising money (by selling baked goods) to provide 3 children with Cleft Palate corrective surgery, consistently taking part in “Meals on Wheels” (providing food and clothing to people in need), and acting as a founding member of the C Squared Anti Bullying Club at his highschool (he was even a keynote speaker at multiple district wide events!)

Mike’s passions lie in advocating for social justice and mental health awareness, and striving to do his part to help those in need. Assisting his community is important to him and is a value that was passed down to him by his family. As his grandfather always used to say: “A man is defined by what he does for others, not by what he does for himself.”

Jody Walstrom

With a BS in Marketing Communication and Business Management from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Jody has held a wide variety of roles related to marketing throughout her career. He primary areas of focus have been event management, digital marketing, and social media. For the past 8 years, Jody has run her own consulting firm, helping organizations develop and execute their social media strategies.

Giving back is in Jody’s DNA. She has designed and executed countless initiatives in support of organizations with missions she is passionate about-from coordinating assembly and distribution of over 25k hygiene kits to unhoused youth in San Diego with Urban Street Angels, to organizing her first 5k for Children’s Cancer Research Fund, and most recently the first family event in support of The Grief Club of Minnesota, Jody believes strongly in the value and reward is sharing your talent to serve the greater good.

Currently living in Excelsior, MN, Jody has been married to her husband Nick for 18 years. They have been blessed with three beautiful children Etta, Thomas, and Emmett, and two fur babies Clark and Rusty. (Yes, she is a huge fan of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.)

Sarah Kemper

A lifelong learner. Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Graduate from the one and only- Florida State University. Dedicated to education, teaching, and helping propel future generations. Passionately inspired and permanently affected by my Uncle John and Cousin Brads’ wisdom, kindness, and devotion to doing the right thing-always.

*Driven by love and a belief in the best of people.

Sara Lovelace


Cheryl Miller


Jennifer Lewandowski